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Navigate Menopause Naturally and Feel Your Best!




  • struggling with HOT FLUSHES?
  • tired of SLEEPLESS NIGHTS?
  • dealing with MOOD SWINGS?
  • fed up with the WEIGHT GAIN?
  • overwhelmed by BRAIN FOG?
  • struggling with hair thinning and skin changes?
  • have joint pain and stiffness?
  • concerned about osteoporosis risks?


  • This book will help you:
  • Track your symptoms
  • Find out ways to help you sleep well again
  • Bring back your balance
  • Explore solutions for a healthy weight
  • Get tips for maintaining your glow
  • Discover the things that can enhance your mental clarity
  • Learn more about nutrition and supplements
  • Discover ways to enhance your bone health
  • Discover how you can turn your experience into a powerful tool for personal growth Embrace the changes ahead so that you can thrive during and beyond menopause


This book will help you get the knowledge and strategies to help achieve a healthier version of yourself, embracing the changes brought on by menopause and beyond.


It includes information on:

  • goal setting
  • nutrition
  • supplements
  • smoothies
  • recipes
  • aromatherapy
  • wellness
  • sleep,
  • exercise and lots more!


Also included in the book are trackers for at least 3 months to help you with your:

  • Symptoms
  • Sleep
  • Daily tracking
  • Fitness
  • Goals
  • Periods



Get a FREE MENOPAUSE STRATEGY SESSION with me, where we can look at your symptoms and set some goals to help you on your journey ( limited availability, so get your order in ASAP!)

Embracing Change: Your Natural Guide to Menopause

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