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My name is Cathy Mumford, based in Nottinghamshire. Thank you for visiting my website and I trust that it will help you in your menopause journey, no matter whatever stage you are at, or what symptoms you may or may not have.


My Story

In 2019, I was in my late 40's and peri-menopausal and not in the greatest of health.


I was suffering from lack of energy, migraines, TMJ (a chronic, painful jaw condition) and Asthma, I had to use an inhaler, especially during the hayfever season and when I would get a cold. In addition to my health, my weight gain was creeping up on me, as I wasn't eating a very healthy diet as I craved junk food and did no exercise either!!! ​


One day I looked in the mirror and I did not like the person that I had become. I knew that something had to be done about it, otherwise, it would really get out of control and I really wanted to be healthy, slimmer, and well.​ So, I set on a journey which included lots of different things including: taking certified organic supplements, eating a healthy diet, exercising, hydration and a new mindset! ​

Then followed the results which is an ongoing progress...

  • My cravings vanished.

  • I lost 3 stone in just over a year.

  • My diet was much healthier.

  • My health improved massively.

  • I successfully navigated through menopause.

  • I gave up alcohol


​My Mission

My goal​ is... for you to experience a transformation in your life as you journey through menopause with natural strategies and become the best version of yourself that you were created to be, so i have written a book to help you with this.


I’m here to offer my help and support, so feel free to contact me for a FREE ‘no-obligation' chat or if you are interested in having a personalised coaching session.


Phone: 07903 804273


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