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Wonderfully versatile, tea tree essential oil is famed the world over for its immune-enhancing qualities and it’s used in various ways to help relieve physical niggles. When inhaled, its captivating herbaceous aroma has the power to banish odours and freshen the room. At the same time, its deeply purifying scent actively reinvigorates and enlivens your senses. Our Certified Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is formulated with pure, natural plants from the Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree plant). Create a tea tree and orange essential oil blend to ease your mind, combine with peppermint to purify the room or invigorating lemon to re-energise.

How to use

• Add 8 drops into your Aurra aroma diffuser, turn on and breathe deeply.

Key benefits

• Refresh, enliven, cleanse
• Elevate wellbeing to new heights
• A 100% natural, certified organic essential oil
• Luxury Aurra essential oil
• High quality, eco-conscious, long-lasting aroma
• Manufactured by us in the UK
• Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable


Independent Distributor for Aurra Organics

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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