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Step into a sense of calm with our Certified Organic Frankincense essential oil. Hailed for its mediative, peaceful aroma, frankincense is revered for its soothing and health-boosting benefits. One of the earthier, spicier scents, it’s fittingly called the king of essential oils, with an ancient, illustrious history. Lovingly created, our Certified Organic Frankincense is derived from the finest natural sources. This pure frankincense essential oil blends well with citrus scents like wild orange, soothing lavender, or sweet, perfumed Ylang Ylang to promote feelings of wellbeing.

How to use

• Add 8 drops into your Aurra aroma diffuser, turn on and breathe deeply.

Key benefits

• Relax, calm, ground.
• Elevate wellbeing to new heights
• A 100% natural, certified organic essential oil
• Luxury Aurra essential oil
• High quality, eco-conscious, long-lasting aroma
• Manufactured by us in the UK
• Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable 

Frankincense Essential Oil

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