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These products are all Certified Organic & Vegan friendly. They are free from Gluten, Dairy, GMO and have no bulking agents or fillers in them.  They are pure nutritional products and can help with various health conditions, and for general wellbeing and nutrition. I have personally tried all of these products and take several myself daily, so I highly recommend them.  


You can download a mini brochure here or for more information, click on the individual product.

If you would like to chat through your specific needs, or to find out the latest special offers, then please call or text me on 07903 804273. 

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Our first supplement, an all in one supplement that works in the body on a cellular level.


Great for Gut health.

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The weight Management green tea. Can be drank hot or cold. 

Suppresses appetite and speeds metabolism.

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Contains high dose of organic cranberry this one is good for people who suffer with UTI'S and irregular body PH levels.

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The weight management meal replacement shake! For losing fat but retaining the muscle.


Have for breakfast to lose weight. Have after working out to build muscle.

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A weight Management drink.  Suppresses appetite and sugar cravings. 

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The immune boosting super hydrating drink. Contains lots of electrolytes so great for sports people or people who just don't drink enough. 

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Full of anti aging antioxidant rich ingredients great for skin health.


For skin conditions, wrinkles and fine lines. Rich in a fruit called Mangosteen.

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Get all the benefits of super organic greens which are great for your health. 

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Tropical C / Choc C

100% natural with no synethics.


More vitamin C than 8 oranges in each serving


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